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MyVIP delivers timely, automated text messages to guide patients through their presurgical journey. Our clinic tools create valuable opportunities for educating patients and easing anxiety-ridden waiting time. Additionally, curated web and social media content help with patient outreach and increasing practice awareness.

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For Surgeons

VIP™ Preoperative Planning Software

  • Improves surgical decision-making and implant positioning2-6
  • Precisely execute your planned depth of ream with reusable patient-specific instrumentation
  • Optimize your humeral component selection to achieve maximum fixation in any anatomy
  • Integrates seamlessly with automated MyVIP text messages
  • 24- to 48-hour turnaround after plan approval
  • Expedited turnaround available for fracture cases
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Devices with the VIP interfaceDevices with the VIP interface

Cross-Platform Capability

Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop

Everything You Need to Take Your Shoulder Practice to the Next Level

3D Rendering of the Arthrex Eclipse Product

Eclipse™ Total Shoulder System

The Cage-Screw Difference

  • More than a decade of long-term survivorship data7
  • Proprietary cage-screw fixation provides dynamic compression at the bone-prosthesis interface and reduces medial calcar osteolysis8
  • Single instrument tray allows streamlined 3-step implantation
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Univers Revers™ Total Shoulder System

A Streamlined Approach for Predictable Outcomes

  • 135° neck-shaft angle optimizes impingement-free range of motion and reduces scapular notching9
  • Inlay humeral design facilitates ideal soft-tissue tensioning
  • Compatible with Modular Glenoid System, which includes screw or post fixation, augments, and multiple lateralization and glenosphere options
  • Fracture repair features include press-fit stem geometry, 135° inclination angle, and soft-tissue fixation points for good functional outcomes and reliable tuberosity healing10
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Global Surgeon Collaboration Driving the Trajectory of Shoulder Arthroplasty

The Arthrex Shoulder Arthroplasty Research Committee (ShARC) synthesizes clinical data to:

  • Design by inclusion and consensus
  • Advance patient care and quality of life
  • Refine procedural techniques through implant surveillance
  • Provide peer-reviewed journal articles that advance shoulder arthroplasty

With more than 30 contributing surgeons, our robust and expanding patient registry allows us to track short-, mid-, and long-term outcomes, which reinforces our ability to develop and track products that are making people better.


More than 55 ShARC publications to date

Viewing 10 selected publications
All Publications
Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
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Short-term functional outcomes of reverse shoulder arthroplasty following three-dimensional planning is similar whether placed with a standard guide or patient-specific instrumentation
Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
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Stemless components lead to improved radiographic restoration of humeral head anatomy compared to short-stemmed components in total shoulder arthroplasty
Journal of Clinical Medicine
Launch icon
A comparison of central screw versus post for glenoid baseplate fixation in reverse shoulder arthroplasty using a lateralized glenoid design
JSES International
Launch icon
A 135° short inlay humeral stem leads to comparable radiographic and clinical outcomes compared to a standard-length stem for reverse shoulder arthroplasty
Seminars in Arthroplasty
Launch icon
Prosthetic humeral head center of rotation shift from ideal is associated with inferior clinical outcomes after anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty
Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
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Glenoid lateralization influences active internal rotation after reverse shoulder arthroplasty
Seminars in Arthroplasty
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Revision to reverse total shoulder arthroplasty: do short stem and stemless implants reduce the operative burden compared to convertible stems?
Shoulder & Elbow
Launch icon
The addition of preoperative three-dimensional analysis alters implant choice in shoulder arthroplasty
Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
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Biomechanical evaluation of 2 techniques of repair after subscapularis peel for stemless shoulder arthroplasty
European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology
Launch icon
Tuberosity healing improves functional outcome following primary reverse shoulder arthroplasty for proximal humeral fractures with a 135° prosthesis
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Arthrex Engineers and Technology Consultants make it easy to expand your shoulder practice and are standing by to help you plan your next case whether it's straightforward or more complex.

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As a privately held company, Arthrex is uniquely positioned to evaluate new technologies and ideas, which gives us the freedom to develop products and techniques that truly make a difference. I encourage you to engage with our team of experts and be a part of our journey.”

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President and Founder

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